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Panels for the Vestibule

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OK. Here's a 'before' picture. Well, not exactly. Perhaps an 'early-during' picture instead. You can see the beginnings of a frame in which recessed panels will rest. The reddish paint is a terra cotta which looks much better in person. I'll be sure to make the following photos more appetizing looking, since this first one looks a bit dreadful! But hey, it's a construction zone, it's supposed to look crappy!

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5/13/03: Progress! Here you can see the framework with the recessed panels installed. The panels are not actually fastened to the frame, but are held in place by long battens (which are fastened to the frame) behind them.

5/19/03: Some moldings around the recessed panels, now. Putting the moldings on makes it look a bit more finished...

7/1/03: I had one of the panels out to work on the framing that supports it, and thought it might be a good idea to take one picture with me in it for scale. They're not small panels, nor are they light and easy to maneuver!

11/04/03: Er, That's enough. I give up and pronounce it done! Well, there are a few little tweaks here and there that still need to be addressed, but they won't warrant more pictures. So, for the intents of this page, it's done. Two pictures, one looking up at the new light fixture and the walls (taken from essentially lying on the floor), and one showing the correspondence between the door panels and my added panels. No the walls are not chinese red! They're really a fairly reddish terra-cotta, which really isn't exactly evident from the color you see here.


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