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Planter with a pond

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In a sudden (rare) fit of inspiration, we've decided that 2003 was the year to put in a planter at the front of the garage, incorporating a pond. Well, actually, it's mostly pond and not much planter! Construction is pressure treated lumber, with interlocked corners, further anchored by rebar which extends through the corners down a couple of feet into the ground. The images should be self-explanatory-- there are actually four fish, but only two co-operated with the camera, and the bloom is from the water lilly...

(Click any image to enlarge)

Below, a few more pictures, showing the finishing bits of wood (top rail, little corner blocks, and the corner 'reinforcements') added at the end of 2003 (left-most picture). I've also included a picture from early June 2004, showing a bit more plant life, and two pictures from late-August 2004, showing, well, a LOT more plant life. The pond's still in there, somewhere!

Some more detail shots. Lots of foliage this year, and some very hungry fish!


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