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My Yamaha SK-50D

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The Yamaha SK-50D is substantially more than just an organ! It comprises five basic sections:

(1) an Upper manual organ, with variable "drawbar" sliders, percussion and sustain effects;
(2) a monophonic Solo Synthesizer (single VCO, VCF, VCA) with pressure sensitivity (on the top 37 notes of the upper manual);
(3) a Lower manual organ with two preset combinations;
(4) a Lower manual Strings and Polysynth section (only a single VCF for all 7 notes, though);
(5) a Pedal Bass section, playable either on the 13 note pedal board or the lower manual.

It's not a bad "Hammond" emulator, and it has a built in Rotary speaker simulator through which the various organ sections and the strings/polysynth can be routed. The limitation of two (fixed) presets on the organ which plays on the lower manual is a bit of a drag, though it is possible to either change the internal resistors for different presets, or bring one set of the resistors out to potentiometers and make one of the presets 'adjustable'.


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