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My Yamaha HX-3

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The HX-3 is one of a family of HX series organs which also included the HX-1 (top of the line) and the HX-5 (er, well, the bottom of the line, I guess). The HX organs were modular in that you could connect any of the HX tone generators to one of two keyboard controllers: the dual 4 octave controller (which you see here) or a dual 5 octave controller. Similarly, the stands can accommodate one of three different pedalboards: a 25 note 'console' type, a 20 note spinet type (as seen, more or less, in the picture to the left), and a 13 note spinet type. I actually have enough modules to construct an HX-5 as well, but the other keyboard module is a dual 5 octave controller which is not currently operable.

Anyone got an extra working key scanner board for the dual 5 octave controller?

The nifty bit about the HX organs is that they're basically polyphonic FM synthesizers in organ shaped containers. The HX-3, for example, includes a pair of 8 voice organ sections (one for the upper manual, one for the lower), a pair of 8 voice orchestral sections (which allow you to access the FM voices), a single further 8 voice section (called 'percussive', but able to access any of the FM voices) which may be assigned to either manual, an 8 voice AWM section (sample playback was a pretty nice enhancement in the organ world of the mid-to-late 1980s), a monophonic lead section (solo synth) and a monophonic pedal section.


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