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DIY: Triwave PicoGenerator

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The Triwave Picogenerator includes a pair of audio oscillators, built around 555 timer chips, and three LFOs, built around 4558 op amps. Each of the three LFOs can modulate each of the two audio oscillators (controlled by the three pots on each side of the box). Each LFO can be made to operate like a free running AD envelope, as you can separately adjust the waveform rise and fall times. The LFOs also have a waveshape control that lets you vary them from a square wave (the rise and fall knobs then controlling the duty cycle of the wave) to a ramp wave. Each oscillator has a basic pitch control and a switch for selecting its waveform (triangle or square).

For a little circuit, with not too many components, there are a lot of wires in the box, and I think the box I used is about the smallest you'd want to use. Mine happens to be a long-deceased printer switch box. And yes, it was a bit of a struggle to keep the nest of wires from getting too out of hand!

So now everyone wants one, right? The folks that designed the Triwave are at 4ms Pedals. Talk to them. They'll make you one, or sell you a kit so you can build your own. Don't like the looks of a green box? Don't worry, if they make you one, you can have it decorated as you like!


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