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Polysynth: PS-3100

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Korg's PS-3100 is the smallest of the 3x00 series. It has 48 keys, and is 48 note polyphonic. There are 12 Signal Generators (as Korg called their VCOs) which provide the twelve tones of the scale, and whose temperament may be adjusted at the user's will with 12 rotary controls at the left-most side of the control panel. The remaining pitches are derived through divide-down technology. Waveforms available are Triangle, Sawtooth, Square (1:1 ratio or 50%/50% if you prefer), Pulse (1:2), Pulse (1:9) and PWM (from 3:7 to 7:3).

Like polyphonic portamento? Don't look for it here! The use of twelve generators and dividers makes voice re-allocation a non-issue. Each key has its own VCF and VCA and EG, the EG being directed to the VCA, and whose effect on the filters can be varied using the cleverly named "Expand" control. There are a pair of Modulation Generators (Korg- speak for LFOs): MG 1 is capable of running quite well up into the audio range (0.1 Hz. to 1 kHz.), and provides Triangle, Saw-up, Saw-down, Square, Pink noise and White noise. MG 2 is limited to Triangle wave shape and is of a more limited range (0.3 Hz. to 10 Hz.).

The PS-3100 is also provided with a three band, resonant filter bank (called, of all things, "Resonator") which has three individually adjustable resonant band-pass filters. Once the center frequencies are set at the panel, either MG2 or an external source may be used to sweep those frequencies.

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