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Monosynth: MP-4 "Mono/Poly"

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The MonoPoly is a bit better known. It's a fun little monosynth that allows some polyphonic operation. Basically there are 4 VCOs, each independently controllable for basic octave pitch (16', 8', 4', 2'), a variable pitch offset, waveform (triangle, manually variable pulse, PWM and Sawtooth) and overall level. The oscillators can be played in unison, polyphonic, 'shared' (i.e., play one key, get four oscillators stacked, play two keys, get two oscillators on each key...) or chord memory modes.

There's a single filter, two EGs, one EG for the filter, the other for the VCA. With only a single VCA and Filter, the polyphonic mode is far from stellar, although simple chords work OK. Since the VCOs are individually gated by the key assignment circuitry when in the polyphonic mode, even slightly more complicated poly lines than chords can work too. The MoPo also features an effects section which provides a couple of modes of oscillator sync and cross mod either using a single master oscillator and three slaves or two masters and two slaves. The chord hold mode is quite helpful if you want to detune the oscillators to really wide intervals, or are curious about very rudimentary additive synthesis!

Since people sometimes think about repackaging synths in different guises (well a few people, at least...) here's a sketch of a fanciful Mo/Po repackaging idea-- why not put a Mono/Poly in a two part cabinet like Korg's PS-3200 and PS-3300 monster polysynths? So, here's the "PS-4", or perhaps the "Mono/PS-4"!

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