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Poly-Ensemble: PE-2000 "Ensemble S"

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The Polyphonic Ensemble also dates from the mid-1970s, and has a substantially limited sound set: Organ I & II, Chorus I & II, Brass I & II, and Strings I & II. The difference between the 'I' and 'II' sounds are that the 'I' voices are brighter than the 'II' voices. The Polyphonic Ensemble is, like the name suggests, completely polyphonic, due to the use of top-octave generators (3 of them!) and divide-down circuitry. The Organ voices set the generators so that they are all at different octaves: 16', 8', and 4'; while the remaining voices set all the generators to 8' pitch.

There are three tuning controls: one Master, and two detune controls for two of the three generator sets. There are envelope controls in the form of polyphonic attack and 'sustain' (really a release control), and everything can be routed through a variable speed phase shifter, which works wonders on the strings voices!

The Polyphonic Ensemble also accepts a Korg control pedal, and for the Organ, Chorus and Strings voices, the pedal controls the volume of the voices, but for the Brass, the pedal controls what sounds like an additional VCF, so you can do limited filter sweeping!

NOTE: As an aside, it has been determined that the connections from the pedals used for the Poly-Ensembles are not the same as those used for the "Traveler" inputs on other early Korg synths like the 770 and some 800-DVs, so check your schematics before using a pedal from one machine on the other.

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