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Duo-Synth: 800-DV

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The Maxi-Korg 800-DV dates from the mid-1970s, and is a wondrous, yet eccentric, duophonic synth. It's essentially two Korg 700-s synthesizers in a box. The two voices each feature a pair of VCOs (the second being limited to a sawtooth waveform and only capable of being offset in even octaves from the first VCO) and a pleasant Low-pass and High-pass VCF pair controlled by Korg's horizontal slider pair, called "Traveler". It's a very flexible machine, despite the unconventional names and implementation of functions. The two voices can be assigned in different ways- there's a unison mode sounding both together; one can be assigned to the highest note and the other to the lowest, or these assignments can be swapped; voices can be assigned so that neither plays until at least two keys are played(!); the synth can also execute a shift from one voice to another a preselected time after key-down.

The wooden end caps on mine were a bit scuffed up, and I decided to make new ones from poplar, but with a slight change in the design so that the sides look more like those on the Korg 770.

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