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W10T, W10S - Comet

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Wersi Comet W10T Wersi Comet W10S

The Wersi Comet (W10S, W10T) was one of the last mostly analogue Wersi organs, being available in a Spinet console (W10S) and a Portable cabinet (W10T). Being a later model Wersi, it featured the new "solo ensemble" section, as well as a new 'solo guitar' section. The Comet also could be played from remote satellite keyboards, making it possible for others to play along, or for a single organist to command a three or four manual instrument for a small fraction of the cost of the flagship Galaxy (W4SKT) model!

Model Comet W10T, W10S
Date of construction ca 1982
Type Entertainment organ
Dimension (W/H/D)
W10S: 43"/38"/26", 160 pounds
W10T: 45"/35"(on stand)/25", 91 pounds
Manuals 2 X 49 keys
Pedals 13 note, spinet type
Amplifier/ Speakers W10S: 60 Watt / Internal
W10T: External / External
Additional effects Special Effects: VCF Wah-Wah, Sine percussion, etc
Rotary Speaker effect: WersiVoice unit
Spring Reverb
Additional units Up to 4 portable "Satellite" keyboards (49 keys) could be connected
Generator IC TOS, 8 octave square, master oscillator with dividers
Vibrato: 2 speeds, 3 intensities
"Slalom" (pitch glide), Transposer
Voicing - Upper Manual 7 ranks: 16', 8', 5-1/3', 4', 2-2/3', 2', 1'
7 drawbars; Sub octave coupler adds 32' and 10-2/3' pitches.
12 stops: Cello 16', Horn 16', Trombone 16', Saxophone 16', Flute 8', Viola 8', Clarinet 8', Trumpet 8', Flute 4', Violin 4', Nazard 2-2/3', Piccolo 2'
slow attack; adjustable sustain.

SOLO GUITAR Section: Guitar I & II, and Synth. Guitar
'Damped' strings, legato trigger
Voicing - Lower Manual 3 ranks: 8', 4', 2-2/3'
3 drawbars, Octave coupler adds 2' and 1-1/3' pitches.
UM Drawbars and stops can be coupled to LM keys.
Pedal voices can be coupled to LM.
Voicing - Pedal 3 ranks: 16', 8', 4'
3 drawbars, 4 stops: Tuba, Bass Guitar, 2 synthesizer guitars
Pedal voices can be coupled to Satellite keyboard
Piano Section ('Floating') 1 rank
6 stops: Stage Piano, Rock Piano, Piano, Harpsichord, Banjo, Chimes
Piano voices can be coupled to UM, LM or Satellite keyboard
Solo Ensemble ('Floating') 3 ranks: 16', 8', 4'
5 stops: String Orch., Brass Section, Horn, Clarinet, Panflute
Soft attack, 3 sustain levels
Solo Ensemble voices can be coupled to UM, LM or Satellite keyboard
Sound -
Everything else 20 'Total Organ Presets'. The organ's registration is shown by the lit LEDs of the respective control switches.

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