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Wersi Synthesizer

The Wersi Synthesizer was a portable single keyboard monophonic instrument which featured most of the options of a standard Wersi pedal department, but played form a 36 note keyboard. In addition, the Wersi Synthesizer included the generator effects (glide up/down, vibrato, etc.) and the VCF-based wah-wah effects.

Model Synthesizer
Date of construction ca 1980
Type Portable Monophonic Keyboard
Dimension (W/H/D)
22"/6.5"/14", 22 pounds
Manuals 1 x 36 keys
Pedals none
Amplifier/ Speakers none/none
Additional effects Voltage Controlled Filter (Wah-Wah)
Generator glide and vibrato
Additional units -
Generator -
Voicing 5 ranks (monophonic)
Sine (flute) 16', 8', 4', 2', 1'
Sawtooth (brass) 16', 8'
Square (wood wind) 8'
Bass Guitar
Everything else Marketed as a synthesizer and bass keyboard. A novel use for Wersi's pedal keying card, the larger of which could accommodate up to 36 notes

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