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Wersi Entertainer

The Wersi Entertainer was a portable single keyboard organ designed as a starter instrument or for use while traveling. It could be operated from standard house current as well as 12 VDC. The tone generation system was based on a single chip (ITT SAA-1900) designed to scan the keyboard and produce 3 polyphonic outputs (solo 8', solo 16' and chords) and single monophonic output (bass).

Some close-ups of the control panel and the little built-in speakers. (Click any image to enlarge)
Voicing and rhythm controls Speakers inside

Model Entertainer
Date of construction ca 1980
Type Portable Keyboard
Dimension (W/H/D)
39"/3"/12.5", 26 pounds
Manuals 1 x 56 keys
19 note accomp. and 37 note solo
Pedals none
Amplifier/ Speakers 10 Watt / Internal
Additional effects Auto Rhythm (6 rhythms)
Additional units -
Generator Single chip (ITT SAA-1900) Key-scanner and generator
Voicing SOLO (top 37 notes)
2 ranks, 5 stops: Tibia 16', Horn 16', Tibia 8', Clarinet 8', Percussion 8'

ACCOMP. (bottom 19 notes)
polyphonic chord voice 4' (becomes percussive if "Auto Chord" is on),
monophonic bass guitar voice 8' (alternates between lowest and highest notes of the chord held, keyed by the rhythm chip)
Sound Voices have strong square wave character
Everything else -

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