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07. Durward's Construction Zone

Durward's BIG Construction Project

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October, 2001. An overall shot of the old shop building. The fence has just gone up.

October, 2001. Close-up of the old shop building.

November, 2001. With the seemingly ever-present scaffolding up. The plywood behind the scaffolding is sheathing for the new walls.

November, 2001. From the back side. The new block walls can be seen extending above the original shop, giving a decent impression of the amount of added height.

November, 2001. The central gable/clock tower bit is starting to take form.

November, 2001. A similar view of the gable from the other direction.

December, 2001. The first of the windows on the 21st. Street side

December, 2001. The rest of the 21st. Street side windows in.

December, 2001. First look at the interior. The ceiling is 16 feet up from the floor. That's a rather big step-ladder in there too...!

January, 2002. Some of the fancy woodwork for around the clock dial going in.

January, 2002. The plastic cocoon goes up in preparation for the construction of the brick facade.

February, 2002. A look at the brick facade as it's being installed, taken from the scaffolding inside the cocoon.

February, 2002. The circular clock dial window from inside.

February, 2002. The circular clock dial window from outside.

March, 2002. Wooden brackets for supporting the roof overhang.

March, 2002. Wooden brackets for supporting the roof overhang - looking from the other direction.

March, 2002. An overall view with the upper cocoon bits finally off and the upper sections of brickwork now finished.

March, 2002. The slate roof taking shape.

March, 2002. An overall view of the slate roof.

April, 2002. The clock dial, weather-vane and the little cresting on the gable peak.

April, 2002. Another look at the interior with the drywall up.

April, 2002. An overall view with the slate and copper mostly done. (This image is a bit bigger than the others.)

May, 2002. Another overall view with the roof cresting in place.

July, 2002. An overall view with the scaffolding now all down.

July, 2002. Copper!

July, 2002. A look inside with paint on the walls.

August, 2002. The two-part loading door. The opening at the bottom of the center panel will, of course, accommodate a "Tobie's-eye-view" window.

August, 2002. The door-shaped panels in place.

August, 2002. Overall exterior showing the new doors and door-shaped panels in place.

October, 2002. Interior under progress.

October, 2002. Interior ceiling detail. Please pardon the spots!

November, 2002. Interior yet further along

November, 2002. Starting on the flooring.

November, 2002. Newel posts going in around the stairs up from the ground level.

December, 2002. Interior mostly finished!

December, 2002. A second view of the mostly finished interior.

January, 2003. The completed exterior. New sidewalk too!

January, 2003. Interior with lighting in place, as well as the rails around the stairs.

January, 2003. Interior, looking from the other end.

January, 2003. Close up of one of the two electroliers.

January, 2003. Looking towards the clock dial from inside, note the three interior carillon bells which will be played by the clock.

March, 2003. Bringing the Hooghuys organ in through the loading doors.

March, 2003. And, here the Hooghuys happily parked inside!

March, 2003. Knabe piano and Welte orchestrion settled in, amongst the scaffolding.

March, 2003. A closer look at the Welte.

March, 2003. Of course, no music room is complete without a tower clock installation!

March 2005. Finished, moved in, ready for use as a comfortable and elegant music room for some time to come...

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