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08. Feline Photos

Visit with the Cats?

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Check out the family!
A little street urchin? Well, a cute one perhaps! Mioche came home with us in March 2007. It's been a while since we've had a kitten around - she was born in late 2006 (October?) - she can play like a kitten, but she's also got a very relaxed "lap cat" mode already very well developed.

"I'm gonna get that string...just a little bit closer..."

Gracie arrived here in March/April 2006, but is by no means a youngster (she is thought to have been born in 1999 or there-abouts), but quite playful despite being an 'adult'.

"I think I'll pop open a soda and research these MOTM-485 filter modules while Frank's off doing something else..."

Isis (Dec. 1991 - Jan. 2007)
The lovely Ms. Isis spent nearly 15 years with us, almost all of that time in excellent spirits and health - I think she had more energy than the average human, and certainly when she wanted attention, her voice could be heard above just about anything! Her sudden final illness was short, thankfully. We miss her very much.

Sitting by the RS-09. I think she approves...though she might just be trying to block access to it!

Carefully testing the modular synth while under construction

Actually hangs out with Humans! (Nov. 2005)

A creature of comfort (Jun. 2006)

Helping with work? Well...(Aug. 2006)

Tiger (early 1993- Jul. 2003)
Sad to say Tiger is no longer with us, his time here being all too short. A few pictures--

Rolling Tiger and his Big Fuzzy Belly!
(from an older photo, and a bit washed out)

"What? Of course I'm comfortable!"

"Keep it down, I'm trying to sleep."

Tiger and Isis sharing space...

...and holding down a synthesizer

Larry, Tiger and Isis

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