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Random Theatre Organ (and other) Pictures

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I've got lots of photos in the old archive, and every so often, I'll pull a few and scan them for inclusion here. Don't expect updates every week!

As Usual, Click any image for a larger version!

Some random pipe organ images...

First up, a pretty dorky-looking me at the 4/27 hybrid installation of the Elm Rink, Elmhurst, IL, taken in January of 1988.

It's me again. From May 1992, playing the 7 manual, 455 rank Midmer Losh organ (billed as the largest in the world, but certainly not completely playable for quite a long time) housed in the Atlantic City Convention Hall, Atlantic City, NJ.

From January of 1995, this time. My neighbor Brian and I made a short trip to the London area, and of course, we visited cinema organs, in, well, cinemas and other places too.
In approximate order of visiting:

3/12 Christie, Granada (Cannon), Walthamstow:

At the console, and an interesting shot of the Tuba and Orchestral Trumpet ranks. I was amazed at the sound of that trumpet - an image of the pipework doesn't really give much of a cue as to the fire that trumpet can deliver!

3/7 (6 units) Compton, St. John Vianney Church, Clayhall:

Looking around the stop rail with David Shepherd and David Warner; first live hearing of a Melotone - smiles all around!

3/11 Compton, The Plough, Gt. Munden, Herts.

A pleasant evening out with David Shepherd and John Leeming.

5/17 Compton, Odeon, Leicester Square, London:

David Shepherd gave us an excellent tour of the Compton, after which the rest of us were allowed to try our hands. Though it's hard to tell, that's a smile on my face, and my neighbor Brian seems to have enjoyed his visit with the 5/17 as well.


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