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Some Pictures of our new place in Lutherville

We bought this lovely 1901 Queen Anne style house in Lutherville in June of 2008

As Usual, Click any image for a larger version!

Over-all views from the front and back yards.
('front' image about 246K, 'back' image about 200K)

A look at the "carriage-house-shaped" garage.
(these images added Jan 26, 2009)

front view side view

Fall colors around the grounds
(linked images range from 150K to 270K in size)

Spring Azalea Survey!
(these images added May 12, 2009)
Have a look at the range of azaleas we've 'inherited'

Pond Project Archives
(these images added May 12, 2009)
So, we've started putting in a little pond. I'm just placing a series of images to show the progression from unbroken ground to, well, whatever we end up with.

01 02 03

This page established 11/11/2008, updated 5/12/2009. More images to come.


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