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Unknown instruments

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I'm collecting unknown or not-well-identified instruments here. If you know more, please get in touch.

I don't know more about this instrument than what's in the caption. The image looks as though it was taken in a storage facility or a warehouse, so I wonder if this was an installed instrument or a dis-assembled one. I haven't seen a Moller two manual console with tabs on the straight rail as well as on jambs, and it seems odd that they'd have gone to the trouble to include side jambs to accmmodate about 16 more tabs on the left and perhaps a similar number on the right. The piston setter plate (over the top manual) appears longer than needed, considering the number of pistons visible under the upper manual. The look of the console suggests a 1920s model, from the number of stop tabs and the purported 23 ranks, I'd guess this could have been a hybrid duplex/unit organ, with a few unit ranks and the rest duplexed...

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