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BUILDER: M.P. Möller

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Opus 4019, Washington Municipal Auditorium, Washington, DC (4m)

Opus 4335, Larkin Administration Building, Buffalo, NY (4/101)

Opus 4741 and 4742, Sherwood Music School, Chicago (4m/6r)

Opus 5967, Residence Organ, Arthur Cook, Washington, DC (2m/6r) 

Opus 6239, Residence Organ, E. J. Quinby, New York, NY (3m/6r, expanded)

Opus 7432, Residence Organ, Johannesburg, South Africa (3m/11r)

Opus 8293, Artiste Organ, (2m/3r)

Cadet Chapel, West Point, NY (4m)

Unknown/unidentified instruments


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